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Unleash your human potential and create small high-impact interventions in 6 months. Create bright spots that will scale to deliver transformational business growth for your organisation. You already have the potential within to make it happen.

We provide Fight Club group workshops and individual coaching to create small high-impact interventions in 6 months.

Enough Talk. Let’s Fight.

What you’ll get from the Fight Club experience:



Learn your true nature and gifts. Crystallise a vision of the great things you’re meant to accomplish.This becomes the North Star for you to walk towards.



Discover the source of your limitless positive energy. Use it to generate excitement and win the confidence of your customers, teams and stakeholders.



Produce impactful and tangible results within a short period of time. Stretch beyond your comfort zone and extract the highest value outcomes.


I am leading a transformation for the organisation. I would say the Fight Club Power Book experience facilitated breakthrough thinking and helped me draw out and articulate my purpose that I knew I had but hadn’t yet clearly articulated. If you’re a leader who wants to move and change – then a Fight Club Power Book is for you.
– Talent & Organisational Development Director, Global Communications Network

I was looking for a facilitator to help us disrupt ourselves, think differently to accelerate innovation and growth in Asia Pacific. Personna Fight Club facilitated an extremely powerful two days of co-creation. We are very happy with this process and will be back!
– General Manager, Global Luxury Cosmetics Company

The session worked really well from a team building and motivational perspective.
– Chief Digital Officer, Bank

Through his questioning, Roger provided a level of guidance that allowed me to see a clearer picture on where I should focus my efforts and how to do it more effectively.
– Senior Director Sales Operation, IT MNC

Fight Club Rules

#1 Stop Complaining. Start Hustling.

#1 Stop Complaining. Start Hustling.

If you can see how things can be better, change it. Think small, act small. Your POWER comes from doing something.

#2 Be Yourself. Have Fun.

#2 Be Yourself. Have Fun.

When you love what you’re doing, you are compelled to nail it every time. Even when no one’s looking. You become unstoppable. Unleash your PASSION.

#3 Remember. Your Work Matters.

#3 Remember. Your Work Matters.

That’s why you are part of the team doing something greater than yourself. Choose to only do great work. Be extraordinary. This will give you PURPOSE.

#4 Take Charge Of Your Own Success.

#4 Take Charge of Your Own Success.

Empower yourself. Stop making excuses. Only you can change your results. Own your PRIZE.

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PERSONNA is a change management company. 70% of change programmes fail, mainly due to employee resistance and lack of management support. We want to change that. We believe in the power of people to lead change. The answers are within.

PERSONNA has been coaching business leaders since 2010. We have 50 years of combined experience in Sales, Marketing, Tech Services and Consulting.

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